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The Latin word doctor means teacher. The word physician is derived from the Greek word physis which meansnature. The true doctor teaches how to return to Mother Nature's Ways. Harmonious Healing: A Guidebook ofEnergy Medicine for the 21st Century brings together some of these ancient and simple teachings. Blessings on Your Journey

There's a lot in cyberspace lately about reconnecting with the Divine Feminine, whether it's women or men, or the Planet itself - reconnecting with Gaia. To really get radical here... to get to the root of the matter... if we are going to reconnect with the Divine Feminine, it is imperative to reconnect with the Divine Mamma! I'm not being facetious here... consider this...

Some words take their origin from their sounds... it's called onomatopoeia - like splash, cuckoo, etc. or a combination of words - like babbling brook... and so it is with the sounds an infant makes while nursing - hence the Latin word for breast: mamma. The very picture of a nursing mother invokes feelings of nurturing, protection and compassion. All mammals have those feelings, be they elephants or bats, pigs or cows, dogs or cats. As an example, cattle ranchers speak of the lowing or moaning {that goes on for hours, if not days} on the part of the mother as well as the calf when they are separated - as happens in the production of veal.

Now, please consider... literally con sidera means: to sit with the stars and mull it over... if a cannibal is "one who eats it's own species" ... how can we hope to restore the Divine Feminine, the Divine Mamma while feeding on the flesh of other mammals? Some cultures eat dogs and others probably eat cats... since we call them our pets, we find this abhorrent, repugnant, unthinkable. Yet we call swine: pork, and cattle: beef... and cannibalize them!

To get to the Heart of the Issue - restoring the Divine Feminine, restoring compassion on Mother Earth - how can we avoid the fact that Peace on Earth begins at Home, especially in the kitchen. As long as we have blood on our cutting boards, we will continue to have blood in our streets - as well as violence toward women, the human embodiment of the Divine Mamma.

Dr. Bob Kreucher

The "labor of my life" - I think of it as my doctoral dissertation - has been updated. Harmonious Healing: A Guidebook of Energy Medicine for the 21st Century is a resource book - close to 700 pages - that covers natural living from A-Z. We know that all disease processes, by whatever name, thrive in an environment that is highly acidic, lacking in oxygen and rich in sugars. We also know that these disease processes are not caused by a pharmaceutical deficiency. While pharmaceuticals can be a life-saver in an emergency situation or at a time of trauma, chronic use can be dangerous! The answer lies in TLC - Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes. Harmonious Healing offers Easy Transitions for Healthier Living. You may order online: Click here
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EMFs – The Best Protection From Electromagnetic Frequencies
There are frequencies in the 21st century that throw our immune system out of balance, and wreak havoc with our health and well-being. These are commonly referred to as EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) and EMRs (electromagnetic radiations). These frequencies emanate from everything that runs, not just cell phones and cell towers - but also cordless phones, computers, blenders, juicers, vacuum cleaners, power tools, hair dryers, etc.

Dr. Robert Becker, the internationally recognized author of The Body Electric and Cross Currents, says: “The greatest danger we face is not global warming or chemical pollution. It is electromagnetic pollution!” It’s comforting to know that you and your family are protected! The thermography pictures and other info and research are available online. You may order at retail, or if you recognize the business opportunity, you could get one of the packages they offer at a better price. Click Here

As with food, so with water. Alkaline is best. All tap water, distilled, R/O or bottled water is acidic. There are ionizers on the market that filter, and then - with platinum and titanium plates - separate acid ions from alkaline ions. The acid water is great for washing vegetables and is good for the hair and skin, which likes to be slightly acidic. The alkaline water is good to drink since, on the inside, we like to be slightly alkaline. It's much more than drinking alkaline water with a pH or 9 or 9.5 - these units give a negative electrical charge measured as ORP {Oxidation Reduction Potential} from -200 to -400, or more, depending on the source. This helps the body eliminate toxins at the cellular level. The very best - in every regard: technology, money-back guarantee, warranty, price - is the KYK Genesis. It's less than half the price of the leading MLM brand. For information and details, Click Here Ionizer.

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Blessings to You & Yours!

“Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down; Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information, and religions destroy spirituality!”

--Michael Ellner

"Peace on Earth

begins at home,

especially in the kitchen.

As long as we

have blood on

our cutting boards,

we will continue

to have blood

in our streets!"

-- Dr. Bob Kreucher

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